Welcome to the next generation of juicing.

Small yet Powerful!



Cutting up!

Every JOOSMI is equipped with a four leaf stainless steel blade that is capable of cutting up and crushing just about anything, even ice!


With a 4000mAh battery JOOSMI only has a charge time of three to five hours and lasts for up to a week on a full charge. Once fully charged you can bring JOOSMI ANYWHERE without pesky wires getting tangled or in the way.

Built to last!

JOOSMI is made with borosilicate glass. A glass that is incredibly durable and will not crack under extreme temperatures like normal glass! Not to mention it's BPA-free.

Self cleaning!

JOOSMI is super easy to wash as it basically washes itself! Just add a bit of soap and water to the blade carrier, turn it on, and watch the magic happen.